Leaps of Faith

There are times, more than I would like to admit, in which God’s has, and continues to, call me to take leaps of faith. I feel like even at the age of twenty-two, I have already been part of a few of these. Looking back at the last few years of my life, I can probably name a few off the top of my head: choosing to attend NC State, choosing to no longer to part of specific groups on campus, enlisting in the Army and going to basic training, and, heck, even getting married. There is room to expand on each of these, but just take my word for now in that each of those were leaps of faith given the state of my spirit, my soul, and my heart at the time.

Without going into much detail in an open forum, I do believe God is calling us, my wife and I, to take another leap of faith. As we approach the start date for seminary studies and a direct pursuit of ministry as a full-time vocation, God has called us to take a leap of faith in other areas of our life together. Leaps of faith aren’t fun. They suck and what makes them suck more is the inches that you slowly crawl towards the edge of what you are holding on to.

What makes a leap of faith what it is, is faith. God calls you to jump with all your heart and all your strength, knowing (by faith) that at the bottom of the precipice there is salvation–He is already there waiting to catch us. It isn’t a leap of faith is we try to set up a few cushions at the bottom of the fall, or if we try to hold on to something as we head down. No. We are called to leap and pray and trust and dive–not into darkness, but into God’s heart and passion for us.

Is God asking you to take a leap in some area of your life? I can tell you He is calling us to take a leap. It won’t be fun, but there is something about the wind smacking you on the way down, or maybe the water as your smash into the deep that feels truly purifying and redeeming.

Be blessed.


One thought on “Leaps of Faith

  1. Thank you for writing this. You are a genius.

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