Back to the Beginning

Recently I began reading the most recent book by blogger Jon Acuff, “Quitter.” The book hopes to draw the connection or relationship or future relationship between your day job and your dream job. In the first chapters, Acuff specifically speaks on how the thing that will lead us to our dream opportunity and the type of work that will truly fulfill our time isn’t something that we have yet to find–but something from our past.

I hope you don’t quote me on this book. Acuff”s book, up to this point, speaks on many other elements of this life dilemma–I am simply focusing on this one element. I can see how Acuff gets to this point–the only way we know the present is not as good (our current full-time job) is because we have experienced something better at some point in the past and this something is something we truly enjoyed.

I immediately began an in-depth pursuit of what was (or were) those events, concepts, and opportunities in my past when my heart truly sang–when I felt like this was what I wanted to do all my life.

It isn’t an easy thing to arrive though. You immediately have to be absolutely honest with yourself: between the things you are good at, and the things you enjoy; between the person you wish you could be and the person you would enjoy being; between the opportunities you want to exploit and the opportunities that call out your best self.

It’s been a couple days since I began this inner search for the self within me that I enjoy being. I hope Acuff’s next chapters explain the difference between realistic and unrealistic dreams, or something of the sort.

How about you? Does this click anything inside your being and your mind? It absolutely did to me–a lot of things are still clicking.

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