“If you have to be angry to fight MMA, you’re gonna lose. Good MMA is chess. It’s an intelligent, strategic breakdown of your opponent. You look for flaws and take advantage of them.” Kevin Doyle, MMA Gym co-owner

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post focused on MMA or UFC or anything that has to do with beating people up (or make them scream under a submission)–no. 

However, I like this quote because it’s speaks on strength and where strength comes from. I write about strength because strength is a really big part of my life. Whether trying to bench press the most reps at the highest weight possible, knocking out tons of pushups, or trying to achieve any of many challenges and tasks, strength (in all its shapes and forms). Strength–whether physical or mental– is important to the human. Strength allows us to overcome physical threats and challenges; mental strengths keeps us focused, allows to  complete tasks, and overcome circumstances.

But where does strength come from? For many MMA fighters, strength in the moment right before and during a fight comes out of anger–a tactic that the quote above challenges. I have to say that for me, when I have needed strength, it has always come from extreme self-determination, an extra sense of focus and intensity, and, yes, a hint of anger. Sometimes, a lot of it. 

But is that strength the kind of strength we should strive for? Is the strength to invest in the strength which comes in moments of need, and only when it gets to our aid on time? I believe, even though I can’t fully grasp it, that the strength to strive for is the strength that comes from long-term dedication and continuous, even if slow, progression towards one’s goal and objectives. I want my strength, even the strength to rip someone else to pieces, to come from inner harmony and perpetual spiritual peace, and not from destructive anger.

This post isn’t supposed to speak to everyone. It is written to speak to those who dwell in their anger for strength and focus. Those like us, when pushed to the limit, will take footsteps into the realm of hatred. That is why it is so essential to change our source of strength. I am still looking for my alternative.

Be blessed. 

“If you have to be angry…

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