Death: An Obstacle in being Missional

I hope the title of this post didn’t make any of you think twice about reading it or not. However, even though it isn’t a matter of life and death (not really), the video below deals with a critical side of the church: the aspect of church and Christian living that demands us to be missional.

You pretty much need to watch the video to get the full picture of what Pastor Jeff Vanderstelt is speaking on; however, I will give it a shot for those of you who hates videos (whomever you may be). Pastor Jeff’s argument is that people, in this case church-goers, don’t do things because they are afraid of what the result will be, what it will cost them, what it will do to them, or whether it will kill them. Jeff goes on to say that the core fear is the fear of dying–of losing much (if not all) and gaining nothing in return. Jeff goes on to state that part of this mindset has been the result of church leaders becoming Christ for their church-goers instead of allowing Jesus to be Jesus to the church.

I would like Pastor Jeff to expand on this final point. It seems to me that the clip cuts off at a key point in the message. How are leaders taking away the role of Jesus in the church? I understand the thought of people forsaking to be missional because they are afraid to die, but I would love to see further expansion on the impact of leadership.

My thoughts: this is a pretty broad topic and subject of discussion. Why do Christians fail or stop to be missional? What’s the formula to get people to become missional? What are the stumbling blocks along the way?

I will expand on this topic in later posts. However, I wanted to get some of your minds flowing and thinking on the impact this has on the church and on God’s Kingdom.


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