What working on my Volleyball taught me about the Good News

I simply ain’t kidding when I say that “volleyball is my joint.” I may be exhausted after working out or training, I may be sleep-deprived, and I may be stuffed with really bad and nasty food, but I am always down for some volleyball. Whether beach volleyball, sand volleyball in a court, or legitimate indoor-court volleyball, I simply love the sport.

Once the warmer days of the summer come to North Carolina–and the weather becomes a little bit more predictable–I like to set up “volleyball nights.” What are volleyball nights? Well, basically it’s me using texting, Facebook, and Twitter to get people to come out and play some volleyball. Now, of course, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes people straight up say “no,” and sometimes they say “maybe.” Maybes are the worst.

Tonight, with less than an hour before kicking off volleyball, I was forced to cancel it. Simply put, not enough people committed to coming out to play. But, because of my passion for the sport, I still went out to the courts and practiced my service for about an hour. This leads me to the following point: if you were to ask me, what is the primary and most fundamental skill one is to learn in volleyball, what would you focus on? My opinion: the service. The service is essential, specially if you are new to the game, because serving is the one thing in volleyball that you can’t avoid. At some point in the game, you are bound to have to serve the ball. Therefore, even though you teammates can you bail you out of tough play situations, the service is the one thing one should focus on first and master.

If you can serve the ball, the rest of your team can keep on playing and help you out along the way. But you need to be able to get the game rolling.

How in the world does this relate to sharing the Gospel? Well, while contemplating the previous thought, as well as perfecting adding speed to my jump service, the thought came to me that just like the volleyball service, if there are many elements of sharing the Gospel that you aren’t very good at, the fundamental thing that we should focus on is being able to share the core aspects of what the Gospel has done in our lives.

You see, any Christian can share the Gospel of Jesus, God’s Anointed, but only you can share your testimony and only I can share mine. So even though a believer may not be fully equipped to disciple, mentor, or continue to foster the Good News in other people, we can at least “get the ball in the air” by focusing in sharing our testimony and how Jesus and the Holy Spirit have impacted our very experience in this world.

Be blessed.


One thought on “What working on my Volleyball taught me about the Good News

  1. LubbyGirl says:

    Good point about sharing your testimony! Thanks for sharing your insight; gave me something to think about.

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