Retouching: View from the Mountaintop

When I posted earlier today “The View from the Mountaintop,” I felt as if the post had been left rough and unfinished. In the end, this is what I personally wanted to share on the earlier thoughts:

If we ever feel like the mountaintop is myth and legend, that our faith is nice but there is no power in it to overwhelm our present state, then we are living under a lie. The same grace that calls us to Jesus and to God the Father, is the same grace that fills us with the Holy Spirit, and the very same grace that is there to impact and transform every single part of this world’s physical reality.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am done sinking to the bottom of the quicksand hole. I have decided to return to the mountaintop and be overwhelmed by the glory of God and His eternal Kingdom.


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