The View from the Mountaintop

You should be listening to The City Harmonic (website), and if you aren’t, I hope the only reason is because you simply have been very sick or on a mission trip for the last…three years?

No, but seriously, I am not a fan of Christian music. Nothing against the theory of Christian music, but I simply dislike very much the execution of Christian music. This is definitely the topic for a different post, but believe me when I tell that The City Harmonic is the kind of band that truly combines musical and lyrical genius with the beauty of honest worship music.

This morning, as I drove to work (around 6:10AM), I threw on The City Harmonic’s album “I Have A Dream (It Feels like Home)” and went straight to my favorite track, “Mountaintop.” This is part of the lyrics:

We’ve been to the mountaintop

We’ve seen the glory of our God

He is here in the valley low

He’s here I feel it in my bones

Our God here and now

We are the body of our God

Oh I’ve done bad, what happens to me now

I know for sure that we’ve been changed somehow

And we’ll be the glory of our King

In His kingdom come

I simply find these lyrics, and the rest of the song, incredibly beautiful. No matter how much I write on this song, you simply have to listen to this song. It is truly a beautiful song–a testament to the glory of God.

The truth behind this song is testament to the fact that we, as believers, as saints, we have been to the mountaintop. When Jesus called us to Him, He gave us the chance to climb to the mountaintop, to see and experience the glory of God, and be certain that in the uncertainty of daily life, we can always step up, look over the mountaintop, and once again be filled by the glory of God. This “being filled” by the glory of God and His Kingdom, present and future, should be such that it should overwhelm all present and physical reality that we may be experiencing.

 Be blessed.
PS: Here is The City Harmonic’s music video that got me hooked on their music. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The View from the Mountaintop

  1. TrueBeautyU says:

    Great band! Love their music!

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