Why we join the military…

So a few months ago, the infamous pop star Katy Perry released a brand new video. I honestly try not to follow pop culture; however, I have heard some of the rumors behind this song and her issues with her ex-husband Russell Brand. The music video that was made for the “Part of Me” single depicted Katy Perry getting angry at her boyfriend or fiance for cheating on her, so what does she do in response? She joins the Marines.

I don’t claim to be a hero. I’m not. But I do believe that the people that join the military and serve in the American military do it with a certain level of personal pride and honor. It is my opinion, and the opinion of RANGER UP MMA APPAREL, that Katy Perry’s video, even though full of good intentions, falls shorts of expressing that sentiment. So, in respond to Katy Perry’s video, RANGER UP made a video in response…have fun!

PS: The parody video (on top) features Tim Kennedy, one of the few MMA fighters who simultaneously serves in the United States military while fighting professionally. Be blessed.

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