Summer TV fun.

Your favorite shows have ended and suddenly your soul is floating away in a mass area of emptiness as your evenings somehow need to be social again, no longer able to rely on the vastness of regular programming. But, oh wait, summer television series have begun…

Let me spare you an empty summer of trying to figure out which summer series to follow. The following are the shows I will be following this summer and you should follow too:

Sherlock: Series 2.

If you aren’t watching the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, then you haven’t seen quality television in a while. Sorry. Don’t mean to be rude, but this is the best television series out there. The 2nd season came out this summer and you can catch up on the Season 1 episodes through Netflix streaming.

MasterChef: Season 3.

This show will make you a better human being. Seeing the darker side of infamous chef Gordon Ramsay will make you thankful for the friends you have. This show will also rekindle a passion for better cooking, better kitchen skills, and potential future careers. Anyway, I will be watching so you should be watching too.

Sorry to break anyone’s hearts but that’s basically it. For all you Breaking Bad and TeenWolf fans out there, get over it. One show has been on for too long and the other one should have never existed. Anyway, have fun and enjoy your summer tube.


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