U.S. Army and NFL talk concussions

The National Football League and the United States Army have been meeting to discuss the very real and developing topic of concussions. According to an article on ESPN, “the cooperation between players and soldiers was initiated from several trips commissioner Roger Goodell has taken with military personnel.”

Due to the fierce loyalty that NFL players have for their teams, and that soldiers have for their units, the NFL and the U.S. Army will continue having these discussions on how to treat concussions, the development of better equipment (such as helmet technology), and the willingness for both soldiers and NFL players to come out and seek help when help is needed.

A quote from the meeting states:

“The idea is that these are men and women who have shared values and a strong commitment to their team or their unit,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, who also attended Friday’s meeting. “They are all focused on accomplishing a mission or winning a game.”

This sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Good move on the Army and the NFL. I am not sure how similar are the lives of NFL players and American soldiers, but as far as the issue of concussions goes, I am supportive of mutual cooperation.


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