The real Mark Wahlberg

The most recent issue of Men’s Fitness features the infamous Mark Wahlberg. I have been a fan of Mark Mahlberg for a very long time. From seeing him take on the U.S. government in “Shooter” to having him hang out with Will Ferrel in “The Other Guys,” I have always been a fan of Mark. He is one of those actors that I would love to get to know personally and hang out with.

Mark Wahlberg was interviewed by Men’s Fitness on his life, training, and his relationship with his family. Near the end of the interview, Mark Wahlberg was asked “Who is the real Mark Wahlberg?” Mark answered this question by stating: “The real Mark Wahlberg is the most blessed individual ever, a devoted servant of God, humble with a huge appreciation for everything, and a hard worker.”

After reading this interview, I am an even bigger fan of Mark Wahlberg. In the culture of Hollywood today, there is no need to talk about God or talk about one’s relationship with God. There are plenty of famous people that have made it pretty far in life without believing in or giving credit to God for anything. Knowing that, I have great respect for someone like Mark Wahlberg who is willing to bring God into the conversation and put his own beliefs out there.

Another interview with Mark Wahlberg on his life:

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