A story of Syrians and Turks

In a pseudo-continuation of yesterday’s post, regarding Turkey and Syria, NATO officials, including the U.S., and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan laid down a warning against Syria to be aware of future actions against Turkey. You can check out the full article here–it’s a pretty good read. Of course, the Syrians and the Turks disagree over what exactly took place when the Turkish F-4 (a¬†reconnaissance version) was shot down near Syrian territorial waters. The Turks claim that it was shot down by a heat-seeking missile; the Syrians claim it was anti-air cannon fire. This is definitely a story worth following. We don’t know what will happen in Syria, but as the author of this blog, I believe the bloodshed and the ruthlessness of the al-Assad regime has lasted long enough.

Check out the following diagrams and articles from The New York Times following this story:

A Disputed Encounter over the Mediterranean

Backed by NATO, Turkey Steps Up Warning to Syria

Version of the Turkish RF-4 that was shot down over Syrian territorial waters.


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