The 5 Movies You need to Watch this Summer.

I am not the usual person that likes to recommend people what they need to do. But, I truly believe there are some pretty solid films coming out this summer. Here are my top 5 Movies You need to Watch this Summer (disclaimer: not all of the following are new theatrical releases–some of them you can find on DVD).

#1 The Dark Knight Rises

You absolutely have to watch this movie. If you haven’t seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, you should go rent them/buy them right now and watch them. This is the final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman series and, if you can only watch one movie this whole summer, this should be it.

#2 The Amazing Spider-Man

I actually went to watch this movie the other night, and it was really good. I am not using the term “good” lightly here. I really believe that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have redeemed the Spider-Man movie saga with their great performances. As a lifelong comic book and super hero fan, I honestly believe that Andrew Garfield best embodies Spidey and Peter Parker as closest to the comic book character as possible. Great casting. Great story. Solid writing.

#3 Ip Man

I watched this movie yesterday on Netflix Instant Watch. It had been recommended by a few friends for a while, but I hadn’t been able to sit down and watch it until recently. Once I sat down and played it, I simply couldn’t stop watching. The film is in Chinese and subtitled, but that doesn’t take away from the great filming and powerful story line that the movie carries. Definitely one film to watch with friends and family.

#4 Forever Strong

If one movie is going to get me a lot of heat, it will probably be Forever Strong. I watched it through Hulu Plus and it honestly became a personal favorite. It is a coming-of-age film centered around a young man’s passion for Rugby; however, it also deals with what it means to be truly strong beyond the game field. It isn’t a film of incredible effects or massive budgets, but it is an honest and pure film with solid acting and a powerful message.

#5 Ted

I will give you 5 phrases/reasons why you should go watch Ted. 1) It has Mark Wahlberg, 2) It is directed/produced/voice-acted by Seth MacFarlane, 3) It has an outrageous, funny, and hysterical talking teddy bear, 4) you don’t have a reason why not to watch this movie, and 4) Once again, it has Mark Wahlberg.


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