The Fight of the Year

You hate UFC. You think it is messed up and a dumb sport. However, one day you come up to me and say, “Yo man, I think I may want to watch a UFC fight this yes, which one should I watch?” My friends, the fight of the year is UFC 148 which will be on Pay-per-view and on Xbox Live this Saturday, July 7th.

Silva vs Sonnen II is a rematch between Anderson Silva and the only person that has come the closest to beating him in a fight: Chael Sonnen. Sonnen ended up losing the fight out of nowhere by ending in a submission under Silva.

Fight Pick: Silva by Decision in 5 rounds. I would personally like Sonnen to TKO Silva if you ask me who I want to win.

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4 thoughts on “The Fight of the Year

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    This is going to be crazy :). Think Anderson will be more dominating this time around though!

  2. Matt Parrino says:

    Good Call! Great fight to start watching!

  3. liketofight says:

    I can’t decide! On the one hand I think Silva will maybe by submission 4th round, Sonnen has a habit of getting comfortable then leaving holes open….but, I was so surprised that Silva lost his cool in that telephone call that I think maybe he’ll be clouded with anger….SO exciting!

  4. oli1989 says:

    I want to root for Sonnen, but I would also hate to see Silva lose his title. I feel like every sport needs those untouchable champions that become legends.

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