Jon Jones sentenced by State of New York.

The current Light Heavyweight UFC Champion of the World, Jon “Bones” Jones, has been sentenced by a judge in the state of New York, where back in May he slammed his car into a pole. Afterwards he was charged with a DWI and arrested by local authorities.

Jonny Bones was fined the ridiculous huge amount of $1000 along with a 6-month suspension on his driver’s license. The champ will also have to attend a “victim impact panel” within the next ninety days. What I think is the most humiliating aspect of the sentence is that Bones has to install ignition interlocks–which means he has to take a breathalyzer test every time he wants to drive any of his cars.

Well, so much for all that. The good thing is that Jon Jones can finally focus on his September 1st fight in UFC 151 against Dan Henderson–where he will tear Dan Henderson apart.

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5 thoughts on “Jon Jones sentenced by State of New York.

  1. mcrevys says:

    Preface: I’m a huge Bones fan. With that out of the way, how is this sentence ridiculous? And what’s humiliating about the interlocks? A DWI is a reprehensible crime that could have ended with him him hurting other people. This wasn’t just about wrecking his car; Jones was putting others at risk by committing a completely unnecessary crime. If anything, he got off easy.

    And this pretty much guarantees one thing: Jones will never drive a car drunk again.

    • oli1989 says:

      Hi man,

      So first of all, I am also a huge fan of Bones and I am still very disappointed with the fact that a few weeks after defending his title from Rashad, he goes and he does this.

      I used the word ridiculous in a sarcastic manner. I believe that $1000 is nothing to Jones and that he should have been fined more because of the fact that he claims to be a role model and a public figure.

      About the interlocks being humiliating: I think they are and that’s a good thing. He needs to be reminded every time he drives about how what he did could have hurt or killed people.

      So I actually agree with you. I apologize if my sarcasm doesn’t come through my writing very well.

      • mcrevys says:

        I’m an idiot, then. Completely missed it. Sarcasm meter not properly tuned today!

        100% agree with you on all counts. For the money he makes, this is hardly a punishment. It also looks even worse given his squeaky clean, Jesus-loving image. I don’t think much of him as a person now. As fighter, on the other hand, much like you I think this is dawn of a new Bones age. Unless he moves a weight-class, no one can touch him. Did you hear Dana’s suggestions on who will fight him next?! Ridiculous.

  2. oli1989 says:

    No worries. Sarcasm is much harder to write than to listen to.

    Dan Henderson packs a punch and is a patient fighter, so he might get a few blows in on Jones. But those few blows are all Dan is gonna get. There are a few Heavyweights who could give Jones a run for his money.

    Jones will get through Henderson in September and will most likely fight a catch-up weight fight against someone like Stefan Struve (6’11”, 255lbs) or some other fast heavyweight.

    We’ll see.

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