My beloved drill sergeant.

I will always remember my time in Infantry School. I loved it. I hated it when I was there, but looking back at the people I met there, the moments that made it all worth it, and the experiences that made me who I am, it a an awesome time.

One person that made my time at Fort Benning, GA, worth was Drill Sergeant (SSG) Wallis. He was the man. At first he was a jerk and an asshole like all the other drill sergeants. However, along the way, he became a mentor, a leader, a fellow soldier, and a man I would still today trust my life with.

Funny thing is that my fellow Infantrymen brothers sent me this picture, which is actually of Drill Sergeant Wallis. YES. My drill sergeant has become an Infantry-Facebook-Pic-Icon. I love this guy and this picture depicts so much about the things that make him a great soldier and drill sergeant.

4th Platoon “Headhunters,” C Company, 1-19th

We are the Rock of the Chickamauga! Rock Steady!

Drill Sergeant Wallis

Yes, this is literally the man I called “Drill Sergeant.”

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3 thoughts on “My beloved drill sergeant.

  1. David Miller says:

    Rock Steady brother.
    4th Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment.
    21 August 2009-25 November 2009

  2. Patrick Peake says:

    11B OSUT D Co 1-19 from July-November 2000, 11M MOSQ school C co 2-58 November-December 2000. Good times, terrible times, good memories.

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