It was an evening like no other.

It was the late evening of October 6th, 2012. My wife and I were among friends, specifically my friend Tim and his wife. We were at Carter-Finley Stadium, home of the NC State Wolfpack, and, at the time, host stadium to an incredible match-up between the NC State Wolfpack and the #3 ranked Florida State Seminoles.

It was the 4th quarter. NC State was losing 16-10 to the Seminoles. The Wolfpack had the ball on the red zone with about 17 seconds left on the clock. 4th and goal. And suddenly.., touchdown NC State!

The crowd went crazy. Some fans jumped and shouted for joy. Others simply held their hands over the faces in unbelief but immerse in a type of bliss only achieved when your team wins a game they simply weren’t supposed to win. It was awesome. It was a moment of pure legend. It was beautiful indeed.

For the rest of my life I will remember that evening in October when the unranked Wolfpack conquered (once again) the top-ranked Seminoles. The Wolfpack nation may face defeat once again in the future, as well as other moments of the extreme bliss of victory, but we will never forget the evening of October 6th, 2012. On that evening, the Seminoles had come to Raleigh on the hunt, but instead, they were eaten alive by the Wolfpack.

To my Alma Mater:

Go NC State! Go Wolfpack! Upset the Seminoles!

October 6th, 2012
Carter-Finley Stadium, Raleigh, North Carolina
NC State 17
(3) Florida State 16
Photograph by Timothy Gubitz

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