“Why are so many fighters getting hurt?”

MMA Weekly posted an article trying to understand the dilemma of why so many fighters are getting hurt in MMA. We aren’t just talking about injuries that simply happen and you get over it–we are talking about serious injuries that are happening over and over again throughout all fight camps. Such an injury even forced the cancellation of the Dan Henderson/ Jon Jones title fight earlier this year.

Check out the full story here.

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2 thoughts on ““Why are so many fighters getting hurt?”

  1. Coming from a guy who has trained with people in the UFC and been the strength and conditioning coach for someone in the UFC, I will tell you that a lot of these guys over train, tons of postural imbalances and the sport has lots of crazy unnatural postions that you have to either fight out of or get put into that cause tears,sprains, breaks,etc. I have trained off and on and ripped my mcl twice from single legs where my leg got twisted, torn my hamstring from defending a uchimata throw, and had a partial tear inside my shoulder. That is not even bad compared to some other people I have trained.

  2. I don’t care what anybody says because I played a lot of sports so I know, but there is not a more physically demanding mentally demanding sport on earth. If you play any sport at a high level you will usually suffer a major injury.

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