The Road to Charlotte: Week 9

Another dramatic weekend just ended for the Atlantic Coast Conference. No, don’t get too excited–basketball hasn’t started yet. But there is some football fire in the ACC. There’s actually quite a bit to highlight, so let’s get started.

North Carolina ends losing streak to the Wolfpack

            After five years of losing to Tom Obrien’s Wolfpack, the Tar Heels came out on top Saturday afternoon at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, NC. And what a way to end a game! I actually had the honor, if I can bring myself to say that, of being at this game: Section 131, row C, seat 5. Look it up. Everyone in the stadium was thinking overtime, everyone except one man: Giovani Bernard (UNC, #26, RB). In the last 16 seconds of the game, Bernard returned a Kickoff all the way for a touchdown, in a run that made the Wolfpack special teams look like high school ball. As a Wolfpack fan it hurts me to say it, but NC State allowed itself to lose that game to the Heels, effectively knocking itself out of the race for the ACC championship—again.

Tar Heels beat Wolfpack in rivalry match-up.

Seminoles bury Blue Devils, 48-7

            A lot of people predicted the ending to this game, and yet, there was a little amount of hope. Well, hindsight, there was not that much hope. Florida State’s running backs cut up Duke’s Defense all day long. More important than the continuation of the one-sided FSU-Duke rivalry, is the fact that Duke is still the leading team in the Coastal Division, even after this defeat to the best ranked team in the Atlantic Division. Was last Saturday a foreshadowing of the ACC Championship game later this year? Cause, if it was, then that is a championship game I don’t really want to watch.

            The Blue Devils still have to play Clemson next weekend, so we will see what happens then.

FSU teaches DUKE a lesson on Top 10 Football.

Georgia Tech, humiliated at home by BYU

            Not much to say about Ga. Tech except for the fact that this team has a lot of rebuilding to do. It’s kinda weird to think that a lot of these players made up the top 25 team that the Yellow Jackets were last year. Anyway, there is always basketball…maybe.

Boston College regains some dignity against the Terps

            Its true folks, the Eagles have scored a victory this year against division rivals the Terps. A week after a tough game against the NC State Wolfpack, what we thought as one of the top ACC defenses couldn’t make the stop when it counted against a Boston College team that has been struggling offensively (and, heck, defensively) all season long. It’s going to be hard for the Terps to get bowl-eligibility at 4-4 with FSU and Clemson games still to play this month.

            But on a much worst note, Maryland lost its fourth QB this season as true freshman Caleb Rowe tore his ACL in the game against Boston College. This comes a week after Devin Burns, former MD wide receiver converted to QB, and QB Perry Hills both suffered season-ending injuries in last week’s game against NC State. Did we forget something? Oh right, C.J. Brown, Maryland’s supposed starting QB this year tore his ACL in August and let’s remember that Danny O’brien transferred to Wisconsin.

            If there are football gods, they must really dislike the Terps.

PS: Clemson did beat the crap out of Wake Forest on Thursday night. But I assumed Clemson fans have had, by now, five days to enjoy that victory so no mention here about it. Peace.

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