UFC: The Next Two Months (PART 1)

If you are an MMA/UFC fanatic (or just a regular guy who enjoys the closest “legal” sport that we have to ancient gladiators), then you should be pretty excited about the next couple months. Of course, if you aren’t excited yet, then it must be because you are not yet aware of what is happening in MMA from now until the end of the year. Here we go!


November brings the MMA world two long-awaited for UFC events within a week of one another. On Saturday, November 10th, UFC MACAO, what I believe is the very first UFC event to take place in China (or the PRofC, for those who are politically correct). It seems like the entire fight card is one huge match-up of EAST vs WEST, with the main event being a match-up between Rich Franklin (29-6-0, 1 NC) and Cung Le (8-2-0). This should be a pretty interesting fight between two men who specialize in striking as their preferred method of bringing on the pain.

GSP vs Condit

UFC 154 will take place on Saturday, November 17th, all the way from Montreal, Quebec. All you French Canadians gotta give Dana White a big hug for setting up Georges St-Pierre’s “comeback” fight in Quebec, against Carlos Condit. No words come to mind to describe the anticipation that has been building up for this event. GSP, who holds the UFC Welterweight title, had pulled out of title-defense fight in late 2011 due to a knee injury. It has been almost a year of hiatus while Carlos Condit has been holding on to the “interim” Welterweight title. On November 17th, we will finally know whether Condit deserves the title or if GSP will continue holding on to his well-defended belt.

(Rest of the post above on Part 2)

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2 thoughts on “UFC: The Next Two Months (PART 1)

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Some great fights coming up! Can’t wait for the New Year’s Show! :).

  2. I’m looking forward to UFC 151 in Montreal UFC Macao not so much but I’ll still be watching!!!

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