Saturday Night Lights (lots of them)

This is a pretty decisive Saturday night in college football. There is a lot at stake for a lot of teams as the BCS rankings solidify in the last few weeks of the season. These are the crucial games that may and will define the season for quite a few teams. Enjoy:

No. 4 Oregon at No. 17 USC (7:00PM, FOX)

The comments are coming from all angles and most of them agree on one thing: Oregon’s schedule hasn’t convinced us, or the BCS rankings, that it deserves the No. 2 spot. So in case you haven’t realized how important this game is for the Ducks, let me tell you: it is very important.

This season, we have seen a pretty disappointing performance by the USC Trojans. They were to supposed to be great. They were to supposed to be dominant and explosive. But that wasn’t the case, which we found out after a nasty loss to a #21 Stanford and was reconfirmed by losing to unranked Arizona last weekend. Still, at #17, the Trojans will be the highest ranked team Oregon will have faced up until now. Oregon, listen up, this may be your toughest game of the season, so don’t mess it up.

No. 1 Alabama at No. 5 LSU (8:00PM, CBS)

I don’t really know what to say about this game. It should be good, but who knows. The Tide hasn’t been challenged all season long and there is nothing but revenge between them and continuing a flawless season. Nevertheless, this should be a fun game to catch. The LSU Tigers are playing at home which should give them an edge but not enough to overcome their sorry passing game this year (109th overall). However, their defense is still rock solid. This game will be a duel between AJ McCarron’s “arm cannon” and the LSU secondary.

And finally…

No. 24 Oklahoma State at No. 2 Kansas State (8:00PM, ABC)

Look guys, at season’s end, an undefeated Kansas State will most likely remain at No. 2. I understand the Notre Dame bandwagon effect that it taking momentum. I get it. But Kansas State is the team to go up against Bama right now. What do they have to do on Saturday? The Kansas State Wildcats need to be impressive. Yes, impressive.

Have fun deciding whether you will watch BAMA vs LSU, Oregon vs USC, or OSU vs KSU. My pick? I will probably end up watching BAMA vs LSU most of the night–there are few things in this world like Southern football on a Saturday night.


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