True worth in God: Landry Jones

It doesn’t matter what you think of him as a quarterback or as an athlete. Maybe it does to you, but in the grand scheme of it all, it doesn’t matter. Landry Jones may not play for your school or not be a name you recognize at all. What I must recognize is the ability that God gives man to humble oneself in recognition of how imperfect we are and how much in need we are of God–regardless of where we are in life.

Landry Jones is the starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. He is a very talented player and will most likely be a pretty solid NFL quarterback, God willing. But, more important than that, he is a Christian and a believer who knows where priorities are in life. Below you can watch his video testimony for  I Am Second. For more information on I Am Second and their mission, check out their website linked website. Peace.

“In the end of times it’s not really gonna matter if I’m a Hall of Famer quarterback or a great college quarterback or anything like that…it’s gonna matter what I did on this earth and how I used my gifts for God.” -Landry Jones

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