Chargers zap Chiefs into submission

Courtesy of the San Diego Chargers

            Things weren’t looking sunny-side up for the San Diego Chargers (4-4) going into last night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Lucky for the Chargers, things were looking good for the Chiefs either. In a decisive 31-13 victory over Kansas City, the Chargers played a solid four quarters, offensively and defensively. The Chargers lost a 7-6 game against Cleveland on Sunday, and had suffered terrible losses to New Orleans and Denver prior to that, games in which San Diego was at times leading by double-digits.

            But things turned out well last night for Norv Turner’s boys. Philip Rivers, former QB at North Carolina State, threw for 220 yards, two touchdowns, 18 of 20 passes (90%), and one interception. This was the sixth time in NFL history that a QB threw for 90% or better during a game. Rivers connected with Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd for his two TD passes of the night. The mighty Rivers scored a decent enough 27.8 points for those who have him on their Fantasy Football teams (like I do).

            Even though the Chargers came out ready to play, they did get some help form a Kansas City team (1-7) that seems to be more and more disappointing each weekend (join the Panthers’ club). It’s really hard to figure out what exactly is going with a team that simply is unable to win on the field. What is easy to tell is that the Chiefs shot themselves in the foot last night. Two turnovers that began with QB Matt Cassel (fumble, interception) ended up as Defensive touchdowns by San Diego. Last time Kansas City and San Diego met on September 30th, in Kansas City, the Chiefs committed six turnovers. At the half, when Philip Rivers had already thrown for 176 yards, Chiefs offense added up to a sad 107 total yards. The Chiefs, including last night, have lost 5 straight games.

            For the record, Rivers had one killer interception in the closing moments of the game. Following the Chargers victory, their Twitter account retweeted the following “RT @randymac81 Happy but not satisfied. #BoltUp” I think it is wise to say that even though it was a dominant performance by San Diego, this is a team that needs to continue working on finishing games, and not just playing the first half and out. With Peyton Manning leading the Broncos, the AFC West is no longer uncontested. Besides that, congratulations Chargers and SD fans on a fun and exciting Thursday evening…and congrats Wolfpack fans on getting to see your boy, Rivers, on a historic night. Peace.

Courtesy of the San Diego Chargers

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