The Hunt for Jake Waters: Future QB star?

Quarterbacks in college don’t last very long. That is the simple truth to the matter. It has nothing to do with injuries, players quitting the sport, or anything like that. It has to do with the fact that most people are only in college for four years, and thats how long you get of eligibility to play at the NCAA level. Add to that the fact that by the time a quarterback gets to start on a team, he may only have two years left of eligibility. Your average quarterback is only able to start for a team in between one to three years.

Such is the case at Kansas State where Collin Klein (Sr), starting QB for the Wildcats, is playing his last season of college ball. The same case is that at NC State University where Mike Glennon, also a Senior, is on his last year of NCAA eligibility. What do these two schools have in common that is unique to starting quarterbacks? Well, NC State and Kansas State are both pursuing Jake Waters.

Now, you probably don’t know who Jake Waters and that’s okay. He isn’t well-known unless you are actively following college football recruitment at the high school and junior college level. Jake Waters, at 6’2” and 215 lbs, is the starting quarterback for Iowa Western Community College. He is considered a dual-threat QB and has an average ranking of 3.79 out of 5 on and a 3/5 from Jake also has offers from Penn State, Florida Atlantic, and Akron. However, he will most likely end up deciding between NC State and Kansas State, even though he recently opened up about the offer from Penn State.

We will see what ends up happening to rising star. Will he be the deadly dual-threat QB everyone is talking about? Will he go for the national powerhouse Kansas State, for the humbled Penn State, or for the regional fighter NC State? Updates will come as the decision times get nearer.

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