Roll Tide Drowns LSU at Home

                My buddy, Mike, and I were at my place watching the only game which deserved our attention on Saturday night. The guacamole had gotten all dark from not being eaten and the chips were on their way to being stale. Such was the energy flowing from the TV where No. 1 Alabama was down to No. 5 LSU in the last minutes of the game. And then it all happened: AJ McCarron avoids blitz and passes to TJ Yeldon, who divinely dodges two incoming LSU defenders, and makes his way to the end zone. Touchdown Alabama!

            With 0:51 on the game clock, it was all over. Yeah sure, LSU could try to driver all the way back and score a touchdown, which is what they needed to win. But the energy had shifted, the stars had moved, the planets rotated, and God’s favor had been declared. The Tide was to go home the victorious tonight. The Tigers, after 22 straight wins at home, would add a second loss to their season record.

            What did the Tigers do wrong? Not much. Head Coach Les Miles could have made a couple better calls, like the fake punt which left Alabama in a beautiful field position. But LSU played what looked like a solid game. The Tigers put up 435 yards and a total of 17 first downs against the best defense in the nation. What else could they do? The loss will come down on les Miles, but as he himself put it: “I wish I had a couple of my calls back. That’s the way it goes.”

            Without a doubt, Alabama’s victory over SEC, regional, and BCS rival No. 5 LSU is one of those wins that make you say “Yup, that’s why they are No. 1.” I’m pretty sure I said something like that on Saturday night.

            I heard there were a lot more points scored at the Oregon vs. USC game, but oh well; you can’t pass up Alabama vs. LSU on any given night of the week.

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