UFC November Fight Picks (Main Card)

We are into the first week of November with UFC MACAO only 4 days away. Even though the event rates lower than most other UFC events between now and New Year’s, lets do it for the sake of the fighters:

Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le

No disrespect, but taking into account the average age between the fighters being 39, this has to be one of the most “aged” fight in the last few years. 38-yr-old Rich Franklin is an expert striker, but he hasn’t a finished a fight since his KO of Chuck Liddell in 2010. Interestingly enough, Cung Le’s last defeat (2011) was at the hands of Wanderlei Silva who Franklin beat by decision at UFC 147 this past summer. I have to give this fight to Franklin. This bout will be a fight between two striking geniuses so all Franklin has to do is avoid Cung Le’s takedowns. I am not sure Franklin will win this one on a KO, but I am certain that he should come out victorious.

Georges St-Pierre vs Carlos Condit

I’m gonna try to approach this fight with the least amount of bias possible, because it is really hard not to automatically want to give the fight to GSP. Unfortunately for Condit, I am giving this fight to GSP. Carlos Condit is a great fighter and his specialties are striking but especially submissions which is how he has finished over half of his professional fights in WEC and the UFC.

However, Condit’s fight against Nick Diaz was very disappointing. Had he been able to finish Diaz, I would be willing to say that GSP is in trouble, but Condit’s inability to finish Diaz or even commit to finishing the fight led to the conclusion that GSP will be holding on to his title a little longer. How will GSP finish Diaz? I don’t know. Will there even be a finish? I don’t know. Everyone is building this up to be a great fight, but I believe it may actually be pretty boring to watch. They are both conservative fighters and it may end up coming down to decision. Sigh.

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