Wishes and Prayers in Sports (Nov. 8-14)

                For those of you who may not know, not only do I spend numberless hours typing out posts for this blog, but I am also a very active member of my local church. As part of the work that I do through my church, I will be heading out of the country for the next couple weeks. So yes, this means that I will not be able to post regularly (if at all) during the next two weeks. At the same time, the next two weeks are crucial when it comes to the sports that we follow at Reclaim The Alternative, so, due to that: I have decided to post my “Weekly Wishes and Prayers,” for the week of November 8th-14th and the week of November 15th-21st.

Here we go. I wish for:

#1 A Comeback for Wolfpack Football

            Alright, no one here is dreaming ACC Championship anymore. It’s all good (not really). But the truth is that at the end of the day this is a very talented Wolfpack team that started off the season with many hopes and expectations. What happened to that team? We are still trying to figure that out. Was it coaching? Was it player focus? Exaggerated talent? It’s hard to narrow down what led a team that at one point beat No. 3 FSU down a dark path of games (MD, UNC, UVA). However, if anything, they can still go to a bowl game and save their coach’s job.

            At 5-4, the Pack needs one more win to go bowling and 2-3 more wins (the bowl counts), to save Tom O’Brien’s job. I like TOB. I think he is a good coach. I think this has been a crazy season that got out of hand. I am for giving him one more year to give the Pack the team that is expected. And for that to happen, NC State needs to decisively beat Wake Forest on Saturday.

#2 Another win for the Panthers?

            On Sunday, a week after a solid Panther win over the Washington Redskins, Carolina will welcome the Denver Broncos into town. The Broncos are solid this year and leading the NFC West. This will be a great test at home for a Carolina team that seemed to be back on the right track last weekend.

#3 Strong start for Pack Men’s Basketball

            Ranked at a preseason No. 6, the Wolfpack are under a lot of pressure to perform big this upcoming season, and nothing spells out a strong season like a strong start. The Pack took out Division 2 Belmont Abbey last Saturday afternoon, 105-80, in their only exhibition match. The Pack had a sloppy first half, but the second half showed that this team is capable of once the season gets rolling.

            NC State faces Miami of Ohio in their season-opening game on Friday night in Raleigh, NC. The Pack needs to come out strong and lay down the law of the jungle.

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