Wishes & Prayers in Sports (Part 2)

A continuation of my last post: this is a list of my Wishes, Prayers, and Expectations for the next 2 weeks since I will be away from the country with my church.

#4 Notre Dame: Dominant

            This isn’t really a wish but an expectation. Notre Dame plays what should be their easiest game of the year against Boston College. After last week’s performance against Pittsburgh, the Irish need to show that their offense deserves to be ranked in the top 3. Besides that, I expect Kansas State to remain at No. 2 and Oregon do wipe the floor with California but still remain at No. 3.

#5 Rich Franklin > Cung Le (UFC MACAO)

            UFC MACAO takes place this upcoming Saturday night and, as stated earlier, I won’t be in town to watch it. Anyway, I am rooting for Franklin. I believe he has the experience and the striking power to knockout Cung Le. Cung Le is great at striking, submissions, and take downs, but Franklin seems to be making a comeback and has a lot of stuff going for him.

#6 GSP > Carlos Condit (UFC 154)

            This fight takes place during my second weekend out of the country and I will sadly have to learn about the results after the fight has taken place. I expect GSP to win by decision against Condit and for the world to continue as it is. It would be exciting to have a new champion in the Welterweight; however, GSP would simply retake the belt down the road. GSP might as well hold on to it for now.

#7 Solid Weeks ahead for Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson

            The prides of NC State, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson, will continue this past week’s solid performances with another week of strong offense as the Chargers travel to Tampa Bay and the Jets visit the Seahawks. The Jets bring a dependable defense to Seattle, but the Seahawks have shown us that they got game in Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice, and Golden Tate.

by Dean Rutz/ The Seattle Times

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