BCS Madness: Week 13, BCS Championship, Bowl Predictions

Notre Dame shutout over Wake Forest, 38-0.

It has been a few weeks since I have written a post on the BCS and the on-going FBS. Well, while I was in India things have gone a bit crazy. Alabama lost to Texas A&M, Oregon lost to Stanford, Kansas State lost to Baylor, and Notre Dame is No. 1. Crazy things are happening; however, this upcoming weekend will decide the fate of a lot of teams as the BCS Championship and Bowls spots take a better shape.

By an act of the football gods, Alabama is back in the fight for the Championship.

BCS Championship Game: No. 1 Notre Dame loses to No. 2 Alabama

The Fighting Irish have one final season challenge against an unranked USC team. There is a chance that the Irish will lose to the Trojans at Southern California. However, it has been wiser this season to place one’s faith on the Irish than on Matt Barkley’s Trojans. The Tide have in-state rival Auburn left to face. The usual Crimson Tide should easily put this game behind them, beat Georgia at the SEC Championship, and move on to have a decisive victory over the Irish at the BCS Championship.

Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State loses to Clemson

No. 11 Clemson will defeat the No. 12 Gamecocks on Saturday. Despite what many may believe, Clemson has a solid team, much better than last year’s, and it will come out and stop South Carolina in its tracks, at Clemson. Clemson will qualify for the Fiesta Bowl and win a close match-up against the Wildcats, given Kansas State can score a victory over a battered Texas on Dec. 1.

Sugar Bowl: LSU over Oregon

It would be awesome to see a tough Texas A&M team be invited to the Sugar Bowl. They have earned that much of a recognition this season. However, it will most likely end up being LSU vs Oregon. LSU’s defense will put a stop to Oregon’s quick offense and claim a victory in New Orleans before a home crowd.

Rose Bowl: Stanford over Nebraska

Stanford will beat UCLA this upcoming Saturday and also claim a second win over UCLA at the PAC-12 Championship unless some freaky math keeps UCLA from the championship game. Stanford, a team that beat No. 2 USC, No. 2 Oregon, and lost in OT to Notre Dame, will easily overcome a solid but not-as-good Nebraska.

Orange Bowl: FSU tops Louisville

Louisville will get the Orange Bowl as Big East champion but, will that be enough to stop EJ Manuel’s mighty Seminoles? Probably not. The Seminoles will beat the Florida Gators in Tallahassee this Saturday and go on to crush Georgia Tech at the depressing ACC Championship Game in Charlotte. Louisville is really good, but the Florida State Seminoles are playing as if they were going to the BCS Championship…which they aren’t going to, right?

Can EJ Manuel lead the Seminoles to back-to-back victories over Florida, Georgia Tech, and Louisville?

This upcoming Saturday is going to be very decisive for the BCS Championship and Bowl games. There are still a lot of teams out there that see themselves in the BCS Championship Game. It is also important not to forget that the conference championships will also prove to be the hope and end of some team’s aspirations to a BCS Bowl Game. Out of all this one thing is for sure: if Notre Dame ends up losing on Saturday, all hell will break lose upon college football.

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