The Hunt for a New Red & White Dawn

Did the kickoff game loss against Tennessee signify the end of Tom O’Brien?


Less than twenty-four hours since Tom O’Brien was relieved of football duties at North Carolina State University, people are being thrown around regarding who will pick up mantle of head coach for the Wolfpack. Joe Ovies, 99.9 FM ESPN The Fan commentator, states that the Wolfpack may push for Chad Morris, offensive coordinator at Clemson, but that getting Morris will involve dropping a lot of cash since Morris is already one of the best paid OC’s in college football at over $1 million per year. Joe also pushed Pep Hamilton, Stanford OC, as a potential option for the Wolfpack, due to the powerful offenses that have come out of Stanford in the last few years—including the rise of rookie NFL QB Andrew Luck.

            Even though the sudden firing of head coach Tom O’Brien surprised many, it is believed that TOB’s end may have started as early as August 31st when the Wolfpack fell in a nasty loss to a not-so-great Tennessee team. TOB had claimed he had his most talented and experienced team to the date. His case didn’t improve after a tight win against UCONN and a loss at Miami (FL), a game which the Wolfpack were very able to win but instead drowned in their 14 penalties. The Pack followed this performance with a refreshing win against No. 3 Florida State, but this victory was followed by a lucky win against in Maryland, 20-18.

            The end was foreseen when the Wolfpack collapsed at home, on Homecoming Weekend, against a 2-6 Virginia team, losing 33-6.

            The hunt goes on, AD Debbie Yow confirming that Vanderbilt head coach, James Franklin, is not an option for the position at NC State.

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One thought on “The Hunt for a New Red & White Dawn

  1. lfor says:

    Disappointing season for many but mostly for Yow.

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