Headline News: ACC votes to add Louisville

As we speak (or write), the ACC presidents are meeting via a teleconference to talk expansion, and the world on the street is that Louisville is the conference’s newest member. David Glenn of ACC Sports Journal writes that even though a great number of school have shown plenty of interest in joining the ACC, Louisville is the only likely candidate to make it in. David Glenn states:

“ACC presidents have debated how much weight to put on factors such as recent athletic success, traditional athletic success, TV market size, academic reputation and geography, sources said.”

“As a long-time basketball power with a rising football program and a dynamic athletic director (Tom Jurich), Louisville is seen as by far the best candidate athletically. However, in terms of academics (see below) and TV market size (see bottom), the Cardinals would fit at the bottom of the existing ACC spectrum.”

All of the current, and soon-to-join, members of the Atlantic Coast Conference rank in the top 110 university rankings published by U.S. News & World Report each year, with Duke coming in the highest at No. 8, followed at No. 17 by Notre Dame. However, Louisville is ranked by U.S. News & Report at No. 170, the lowest of all the other candidate schools.

Adding Louisville (Kentucky) would also only add 1 million Cable TV households to the current ACC’s 16.2 million watchers.

Expansion Time! Again!

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