“I Want My Belt Back.” Is Cain Velasquez Ready for Dos Santos?

At UFC 146, Cain crushed Bigfoot Silva with his ground game. Can he brings the same punishment against JDS?

Such were the words of defeated champion Cain Velasquez soon after he was TKOed by current UFC Heavyweight Champion, the Brazilian Junior Dos Santos. Today, a year since that encounter and one month away from the rematch, the question remains: Is Cain ready?Even though a win is win, it is well-known that Cain Velasquez went into his title defense versus Dos Santos not fully recovered from shoulder and knee injuries. Well, shame on you Cain. You got knocked out for not being at 100% health. Others, however, state that Cain would have been defeated by the current champion whether or not he had been at full health. Nevertheless, as we have stated previously here, the rematch has been scheduled and Dos Santos will take on Cain Velasquez once again on December 29thin Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 155.

Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos wants to KO Cain once more. Can he handle to pressure of what may be a longer bout?

The first time around, Dos Santos knocked out Cain is a little over a minute; however, the champ believes that this time it may take him a little longer to get the deed done. Dos Santos stated in an interview: “It’s going be longer. Maybe the second or third round, but I think I’m going to knock him out again.” Dos Santos will have to prove that he can go on for multiple rounds against a man who considers himself a better wrestler and all-around fighter than him.

Velasquez’ assumed superiority most likely lies in his ground game. An NCAA Division I wrestler during his time at Arizona State University, ranked nationwide at No. 5 in 2005 and No. 6 in 2006, Velasquez may be working on ways to take JDS off his feet and then “go to town” on the champ similarly to the way to wrecked apart Antonio Silva (especially his face) at UFC 146.

We are one month and one day away from the rematch between these two heavyweight giants. A JDS victory will take away any remaining doubt that he deserves his title and is undisputed champ. If Cain comes out with a win over Dos Santos, Cain will have proven that he is the toughest UFC heavyweight and a man of powerful words: “I Want My Belt Back.”

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One thought on ““I Want My Belt Back.” Is Cain Velasquez Ready for Dos Santos?

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Can’t wait for this match. Either JDS will knock him out, or Cain will grind him down. :).

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