Russell Wilson: Heading into Week 14

Russell Wilson: A young QB on a mission to lead, conquer, and grow.

Russell Wilson: A young QB on a mission to lead, conquer, and grow.

The Seattle Seahawks, led on the offense by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, are in a good spot as the race for the playoffs solidifies in the NFC. After an impressive OT win over the Chicago Bears last weekend, the Seahawks head back home for a game against a team they lost to earlier this season, the Arizona Cardinals. However, much has changed this that season-opening match-up in Arizona. Russell Wilson has grown much as a QB and as a leader of the Seahawks. Regardless of how much hate or love he gets from the media, no one can say that he hasn’t overcome the odds and prejudices put up against him early in the season and preseason.

            From a fan standpoint, Russell is easy to love. The man is an outstanding citizen, a responsible member of society, a man of quiet yet devout faith, and a hard worker. From his early days at North Carolina State, playing under Tom O’Brien, to his one year at Wisconsin, to now in Seattle, Russell has never stopped working towards being the best. To Russell, however, being the best isn’t a fight against fellow rookies or other QBs. As a leader of fellow men and football players, Russell understands that the toughest fight you can take on is the fight against your own fears and weaknesses. Much wisdom can be found in this young man.

            The media may not love him, but as we break into Week 14 of the NFL season, Russell has thrown for 2,344 yards, including 19 touchdowns, and holding a 63% completion rate. It has been quite a few weeks since his last interception, which is hopefully a sign of maturity and growth on the field. Russell has come to earn the respect of his teammates and colleagues. In the words of Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, “They’re going to hype who they’re going to hype, and you’re in the Seattle market, and it doesn’t matter what you do… He’s beat the Bears, the Packers, the Patriots. You show me another quarterback with his resume, and I’ll show you a great quarterback.”

Russell may at times not be included in the talk for Rookie of the Year or among the names of Luck and RGIII; however, as the Seahawks fight for their place in the NFC West and the postseason, Russell looks more and more each week like the quarterback his long-time fans knew he could be.

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