BCS Championship: What We Watched Last Night was a Disgrace

Roll Tide. 'nuff said.

Roll Tide. ’nuff said.

I know it’s overkill by now, but if ESPN is talking about it, then it is still fair game. I will get straight to the point. Notre Dame did not belong in Miami last night. They didn’t. The BCS rankings failed us. The AP Poll failed us. The Coaches’ Poll failed us. The USA Today Poll failed us.

Alabama. Georgia. Texas A&M. South Carolina. Heck, even Florida. Half the SEC could have steamrolled over the Irish last night. Manti Te’o fell apart. Golson fell apart. Brian Kelly fell apart. I called it months ago, and no one believed me. I said it: Notre Dame didn’t belong. How about next time we put someone No. 1 in the country and we send them to a national championship, we stop wasting our time.

But I get it, you are stuck with Alabama and Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game and you have to sell the game, so what do you do? You sell the game. You are ESPN and you tell the whole world that the Fighting Irish have a chance, that they can push through, and that they can overcome the dark empire of Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide. Wow was America fooled.  Let me rephrase that: the millions of casual football fans were fooled, because the hardcore fanatics that sat weekend through weekend watching Alabama tear apart teams the whole season, we knew what was going to happen. We didn’t need a prophet. We didn’t need magic or some broker telling us that Alabama was going to lay a smack down on Notre Dame. How could they not? They are Alabama, they lost to God’s gift to football (Johnny Manziel), and no one else. So Notre Dame went undefeated…so what?

I don’t know if something broke in the system this year. I don’t know if people or computers got jacked up to the point Notre Dame, even after struggling in games with BYU and Pittsburgh, somehow managed to end up No. 1. I get it, there were undefeated and they beat Stanford and a couple other tough guys. But did anyone pay attention to performance? Are you seriously telling me that Notre Dame was a better team than LSU? Alabama? Oregon? Georgia? Heck, Texas A&M?

I am seriously pissed off because when Alabama and Georgia went head to head a month ago, I called it and no one believed me. I stated that Alabama vs. Georgia would be a better game than Alabama vs. Notre Dame because Notre Dame couldn’t handle the tidal wave. They were mismatched; they were out skilled; they were out played, big time.

Knowing this, why did I watch all 4 hours of game coverage last night? Because I wanted to see with my own two eyes, LIVE, as Alabama ripped Notre Dame apart. I wanted to see it because it was going to be glorious, and glorious it was. The entire SEC exploded into laughter last night. Even Ohio State, in their little dark corner of the world, couldn’t help but smile at a Notre Dame team that looked like Division 1-AA last night.

Yes, I know that last line was harsh and obviously not true, but I can’t help but laugh at what a sorry performance that was. But Alabama’s beautiful running game and tough defense made it a game worth watching. Alabama came through a delivered a championship caliber game. The Tide came to Miami with artillery, infantry, and cavalry ready to fight. And fight they did–yeah, they cause a massacre cause no one told them Notre Dame was fighting with sticks and stones. Damn.

I am done. I got it out of my system and I am done. I hope we have a better game next year. I love Alabama. I love watching their football because they always deliver a great game. But, I would love to see a team give them a fight for their legacy. Let’s deliver someone worthy next year.

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