The Grand Misconception

You can't deny it. It's a sport, so give it a fair chance to capture your imagination.

You can’t deny it. It’s a sport, so give it a fair chance to capture your imagination.

At some point in my life, I believed that MMA, as is referred to by its supporters, or cage fighting, as it is called by its haters, was an unregulated world of brutal fighting, near-death moments all the time, and a place of human savagery. Five years into  being a fan of the UFC and a follower of MMA, I have come to the conclusion that only two of those statements are accurate. MMA is savage because it isn’t for the faint of heart (you will get your face punched out) and it is also brutal. However, it is not unregulated, not even at its most local and smaller promotion levels. And, no it isn’t a bunch of clowns making ninja moves and non-stop flying kicks all night long (even though there are flying kicks at times). I believe that the future of MMA promotions, especially that of the UFC, is incredibly bright. More and more countries are pushing out fighters into the global picture and more and more markets are opening themselves to not just following the sport, but also hosting the sport.

Such is the rise and growing prominence of the sport that Dana White, president of UFC, has stated his desire and pursuit of an UFC market opening up in Mexico sometime in the next year. The only question I have left is the following: When will there be a prominent Puerto Rican UFC fighter? Who knows, maybe that is my roll to fulfill.

On that note, Tuesday night is the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs Team Sonnen. It premiers on FX at 8PM. It may just be the most funny, dramatic, and promising season yet. If you haven’t given the sport a chance, watching TUF is something I highly recommend. Remember, it isn’t the wild, gladiatorial madness that your pussy friends tell you it is. At the end of the night, MMA fighters are athletes who aren’t afraid to get hit, and hit back.


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