The Hunt For Doeren’s QB; the Wolfpack in 2013

Jacoby Brissett leaves the Swamp; joins the Wolfpack.

Jacoby Brissett leaves the Swamp; joins the Wolfpack.

It is Friday, 2:04 AM, and I am typing out this post because it’s either now or never. As of 5PM, Thursday, January 18th, Pack Pride, an independent publication that tracks NC State Athletics, tweeted the following:

NC State has offered NIU quarterback commitment Mitch Kimble. He also recently added an offer from Syracuse.”

Now, for the most part, I am a believer in “more is better.” After all, how could it hurt to have an NIU commitment QB from potentially choosing North Carolina State. After all, Coach Doeren was NIU’s head coach, so reaching out to their recruits is an ambitious and potential option. Nevertheless, as the evening went along, the consequences of aggressive QB hunting became clearer and clearer.

NC State currently has two quarterbacks in its roster: the rising sophomore Manny Stocker and the junior Colorado State transfer Pete Thomas, who is eligible to play this upcoming season after a one-year off due to transferring.

Just this past week, another transfer began classes at NC State: former Florida Gators quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who is ineligible to play until the 2014 season due to transfer. And now, given the news from Pack Pride, NC State could be potentially adding to their collection the freshman talent of Mitch Kimble.

Pete Thomas, CSU transfer, will compete for the Pack's QB job.

Pete Thomas, CSU transfer, will compete for the Pack’s QB job.

What I foresee the next couple years at NC State is a lot of QB talent stuck in a really small window of time that a new head coach, with an obvious bias for dual-threat QBs, will have to micromanage into a successful offensive formula. Brissett, the former Gator, is out for a year, but he will be in the mix for the starting job as soon as the 2013 seasons ends.

This spring, the battle will be between Stocker, Thomas, and any potential freshman quarterback that Doeren manages to pull in this spring. Thomas has the most experience, but Doeren loves the dual-threat style that he was well-known for at NIU: will he go for Stocker? If he goes for Stocker now, will he end up going to 4-star Brissett once he is back in the game?

Look, I loved Tom O’Brien, even on some tough situations. I honestly didn’t expect him to be let go the day right after the win over Boston College. The last thing I want is to see Doeren (Coach D) off to a rough situation in Raleigh; however, even though Debbie Yow (NCSU AD) wants the aggressive recruiting that gets good talent into school, is the right path to overload State with QBs on an already daring season?

My prediction: Doeren will give the starting spot to Pete Thomas, but will give plenty of time to Stocker during the season to show off what he’s got. Come next spring, the job is Jacoby Brissett’s. But for the time being: Coach D, how many QBs do you need?

Peace. Go Pack.

Stocker was Glennon's backup. Can he carry on the QB legacy at NC State?

Stocker was Glennon’s backup. Can he carry on the QB legacy at NC State?

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