Good-bye NFL; Welcome to the National Tag League


That’s right. Good-bye National Football League; the National Tag League now takes center stage. Well, maybe not quite yet, but that seems to be the future of America’s favorite sport and passion. Forget politics and religion; football is where it’s at.

As the NFL and its top deity, Roger Goddell, continue to crack down on illegal hits and tackles up and down the league, fully aware that most players can’t even tell the difference between legal and illegal hits most of the time, we may soon be watching the most exciting form of tag ever, except on national television and covered by ESPN.

We may as well switch over to being a Rugby Football nation, ladies and gentlemen, because as the NFL tries to cover its behind from massive lawsuits (which include former players, family members, among others), the sport we love and crave for year-long may very soon be no longer familiar to most of us. We may find ourselves telling our future children and grandchildren of that once-sport where grown men proved their toughness and roughness on the field instead whatever Mr. Goddell is trying to make of professional football.
At the end of the day, when a player decides to play football, they have to be made fully aware of all the dangers that the sport involves. Similarly to the way we tell those joining the Marines or the Army that they may get blown up by IEDs in war, football players must know that there are repercussions for the glory and money found in pro-football. That is a must. However, once the player is aware of the facts and signs that contract, it is all on the line. This doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be rules or regulations to how much violence takes place on the field. However, football is football, and if you don’t want people to head-tackle each other, then take the helmets away (…like in Rugby) and let’s see what happens then. Yeah, there may be a few deaths at first, but they will learn the lessons soon enough.

Are we keeping the helmets? Ah, okay. Then I guess we will continue to expect and love the madness and passion that comes with the violence of football. Football is incredible because it is fuel by the rawness and toughness that our primal nature calls for. Can we go out there and pick fights on the street? We can, but you end up in prison. So what do we do? We make sports where violence can be released in limited ways—ex. Football, rugby, mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, etc.
Regulate hitting all you want, but what you may end up doing is killing the sport. How will Roger Goddell feel the day that his bucks begin to drain out? You think people are going to pay millions of dollars for tag or flag football? No way, I can play that with my church or college buds—no one is paying a single cent for that product. I may as well watch and play some Rugby (no insult against Rugby; I’m just saying).

So, the course is set. As long as we continue down this hypocritical, ass-covering path we are taking, we are set on the death of football as we know it. Heck, if it ever gets to that point, I may just start enjoying soccer: wouldn’t that be crazy?
P.S: If you are interested in learning about Rugby, then I have major respect for you. Check the following links to get started:

USA Rugby
Rugby Union

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