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Best Friend Test: Take at Your Own Risk

21 Jump Street: best bros

21 Jump Street: best bros

I have plenty of good friends. I thank God that I have always had good friends throughout my life to be there for me—except during middle school and that sucked. However, because of how much middle school absolutely sucked, I am eternally grateful for all the friends that God has blessed me with, especially the ones that were there for me when I needed them the most in very challenging phases of my life (that’s you Andrew during high school, and you Tim during undergrad).

However, the other day I was thinking about what kind of test I would give someone who would like to apply to be one of my best friends. Well, it isn’t perfect but here are some questions I would include in a test for someone applying to be a best friend (talk about being a borderline narcissist):

BEWARE: If you are not a nerd, or have no sense of appreciation for nerdy and geeky stuff, you should stop reading and go to the gym…or something.

1. If there was to be a duel between Lord Voldemort, from the Harry Potter series, in his fully restored form, and Darth Sidious aka Emperor Palpatine, the Dark Lord of the Sith, who would come out of that battle victorious? Please expand on your answer.

2. One of your other, more ignorant friends makes the following statement: “Man, I love Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT and I truly believe that GT is the true end to the Dragon Ball series.” How do you respond to this?

3. What is the greatest branch in the United States military? Actually never mind that. Let’s be more specific. What is the greatest branch within the United States Army? BONUS POINTS if you can tell me why God loves this branch the most?

4. If you had to name one video game whose multiplayer experience revolutionized multiplayer gaming forever, which game would you pick? [Hint: If you are about to pick a game published on a PlayStation system you are INCORRECT—just give up now]

5. Back to Star Wars [Knowledge of Expanded Universe is a must]. Name the only two characters in the Star Wars universe to start out in the Light side of the Force, go to the Dark side, become full “Darths” of the Sith, and then redeem themselves by coming back to the light? You may research this question for ½ credit.

6. What is the greatest musical that was turned into movie that was also a musical? You will lose much respect if you get this one wrong.

7. Yes or No. Did you cry at any point in the last 45 minutes of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King?

8. What is the greatest ethnic/national cuisine? For half the credit you can answer what is the second greatest ethnic/national cuisine?

9. What is the greatest country on the Earth? For ½ credit, what is the most evil country on Earth?

10. Do you agree with the final Confederate charge at the Battle of Gettysburg being named after General Pickett (“Pickett’s Charge”) or are you of the opinion that it should be “Pettigrew’s Charge” since the North Carolinians at Gettysburg, under General Pettigrew, outnumbered the Virginians under General Pickett at the very same charge? State your case.

11. Who was/is the greatest president in American history? This one is a deal-breaker.

12. Who was the greatest statesman in world history? Even if you are wrong, you may receive partial credit if you defend your answer well.

13. Do you lose all control and laugh out loud when you watch the movie “21 Jump Street” starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum? Do you have a soul?

TIE-BREAKER [you always need a tie-breaker]: What is my favorite color?

I will release the correct answers to these questions next week (or later this week if I get the time).

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Building Sand Castles

At times I feel like I have been at the beach, working on building my sand castle for hours on hours. I have worked hard–chipping away the rough parts, and giving a better and more proper definition to what I want my castle to look like at the end of my day by the ocean. I look around and everyone who I can see if also working on their sand castle. Some look better than others, but most are near completion, whether flawless or with rough edges. But one thing is for sure, I have been working hard on my sand castle and for some reason I want to crush it and start from scratch.

I am twenty-two years old, and there are days that I want to kick my sand castle. The last few years of my life have been rough when it comes to direction. I established my values and my moral compass early on, but only in the past two to three years I have understood the definition of the word determination and perseverance–the willingness to push to the end and achieve the predetermined goals. I have taken the mantle of leading my church’s college student ministry, I have set my goal to attend seminary and earn my degree in Divinity, and to continue pursuing ministry and serving full-time God’s church and Kingdom work.

And yet, there are days that I want to push it over the edge. A couple days ago I had a great conversation with one of my closest friends. We talked about a number of topics, but one thing that I got from our conversation was that my friend desired to do so much more than what he was doing at the moment. He has a great job and a great opportunity to pursue something that he is really passionate about–and yet, he sees himself doing so much more. This recent conversation taught me much about how to see where I am currently at.

A fear that I have is that once I start seminary and fully devote the rest of my life to ministry, I will close every single other door in my life. I fear that those other areas and parts of my life where I have talents, abilities, and skills will simply go and fade away. But conversing with my brother in Christ taught me that there is so much to life than the burdens, challenges, and pressures of the present. There are times when what is right in front of us is so urgent and so overwhelming, mostly because it is in front of us, that it blocks our frontal and peripheral vision.

The truth is that throughout my life and throughout the life of every person–especially fellow Christians–we won’t build just one sand castle, we will be building many. It’s easy to get caught in the idea that we have a “calling,” and that if we don’t pursue the right calling or at the right time, we will throw away our whole life. The big picture is that if you get up from your sand pit and begin walking around the beach, we would all realize that we are all building multiple sand castles, but that what it takes is focusing on each sand castle at a time.

Be blessed.

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As an Infantryman, this speaks to me.

…in a pile of empty brass.


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The real Mark Wahlberg

The most recent issue of Men’s Fitness features the infamous Mark Wahlberg. I have been a fan of Mark Mahlberg for a very long time. From seeing him take on the U.S. government in “Shooter” to having him hang out with Will Ferrel in “The Other Guys,” I have always been a fan of Mark. He is one of those actors that I would love to get to know personally and hang out with.

Mark Wahlberg was interviewed by Men’s Fitness on his life, training, and his relationship with his family. Near the end of the interview, Mark Wahlberg was asked “Who is the real Mark Wahlberg?” Mark answered this question by stating: “The real Mark Wahlberg is the most blessed individual ever, a devoted servant of God, humble with a huge appreciation for everything, and a hard worker.”

After reading this interview, I am an even bigger fan of Mark Wahlberg. In the culture of Hollywood today, there is no need to talk about God or talk about one’s relationship with God. There are plenty of famous people that have made it pretty far in life without believing in or giving credit to God for anything. Knowing that, I have great respect for someone like Mark Wahlberg who is willing to bring God into the conversation and put his own beliefs out there.

Another interview with Mark Wahlberg on his life:

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“Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.”

Marquis de La Fayette

“Insurrection is the mos…

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