About the Author

Reclaim the Alternative has gone through many phases and purposes since it was launched quite some time ago. This blog has been through seasons of almost 200 hits per day and through seasons of 10 hits per day. Nevertheless, here it is.

We write about life, society, culture, friendship, God, church, war, peace, sports, and…did I say life?

Read. Enjoy. Share. Be blessed.


4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. bjkinnison says:

    I just saw that you are going to Southeastern in the Fall, that’s awesome bro! I’m going there in fall 2013… I could move in with you and we could play absurd amounts of halo again. And occasionally discuss systematic theology, maybe.

    • oli1989 says:

      You know what Brad, that actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal, except for the fact that I am married and my wife would have to agree to me rooming with my former undergrad roomie. Haha. But, if you do need a roommate closer to SEBTS, I can probably help you find someone who is “cool” enough for your status.

      • bjkinnison says:

        I knew you were going to play the married card. What a cop-out. I don’t really need a roommate–I’ve got plans on that end already. But if I did, you would be “cool” enough

  2. oli1989 says:

    You mind telling me what made you decide to attend Southeastern? And what are you planning to study once there?

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